Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Artwork for Nursery

Last night, I decided I wanted to get going on the artwork for the walls of the nursery.  Since deciding upon the theme of Peter Rabbit/ Beatrix Potter, I went to the bookshelf and grabbed the story for inspiration.  I drew several sketches with pencil, then got to work with my trusty water color pencils.
After getting the color on one of the sketches, I searched for my paint brushes.  Of course, they were nowhere to be found!  So, I decided to improvise a bit.  I dipped my pinky finger into the water, and started working at the picture.  It actually was looking pretty good!  I was pleasantly surprised.  So, I finished the picture that way, went over the drawing with a heavier pencil, and called it good.  I think I will wait to finish the others until I locate my brushes, but I was pleased with this one, anyway.
One less piece I have to worry about!  Now, about those 5 others...  =)

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