Sunday, March 13, 2011

Progress on the Nursery

First of all, I finished all of the artwork I was painting.  Here are the last 2:
That said, I've been rather busy with all kinds of projects to get the nursery looking its best.  I finally got the materials for curtains, which I completed the same day I went to the store - that's a feat in itself.  Then, while I had the machine out, I made a Peter Rabbit blanket out of a panel of fabric I had and some yellow flannel.
A friend of mine (also the mother of twins) gave me some things that she was getting rid of, so I scored a changing table, 2 bouncy seats and a bunch of other things.  I've had fun rearranging the nursery to accommodate the additional items.  =)  Here's how it looks now:
It's lots of fun, but a bit exhausting!  Exciting times are coming, though!!

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