Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day

I want to take a few minutes to honor my Dad for Father's Day.

My Dad is the greatest.  He and I get along so well - I think it might have to do with our delightful sense of humor, which we share.  Just thinking about my Dad makes me think of his laugh.  It always puts a smile on my face.  =)

When I was young, my Dad taught me many things: how to catch and throw a softball, how to play board and card games (and I'm sure he let me win most of the time), all about being a good citizen of this great nation, work ethic, the joy of storytelling and reading good books, and so many other things.  We took many trips together as a family, and I could count on my Dad helping to build a sandcastle or just walking by the river with me.  I cherish that time I had with him.

As I got a bit older, I learned more about the world, and we talked about more in depth topics like politics and church doctrine.  He had such wisdom to impart - and still does.  I learned the principles of leadership and service from him as well.

My Dad has always been a faithful member of our Church, serving wherever he has been asked, and hardly ever missing a meeting.  He was so dedicated that even on the day I was born, he was contemplating going to his meetings - which my Mom talked him out of.  ;)  He still fills assignments dependably, and is a strength and example to all who know him.

Dad has worked in many fields, but particularly sales.  This has allowed him to meet people all over the Las Vegas valley.  It seemed that in my travels around town, I could count on finding at least one person who knew my Dad - all of whom told me how good of a man he is.  It made me proud to be associated with such goodness.

On this Father's Day, I want to let me Dad know that I love him, and that I will always and forever be grateful for the love and wonderful example he has shown me.
Happy Father's Day, Dad!

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