Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mother's Day

I have been reflecting a lot on this topic lately, as you might guess.  The thing that my mind keeps returning to is the fact that I have been profoundly blessed to have the mother that I do.  She is amazing, and has taught me many great lessons in life.  There is a song that sums up my thoughts about my mother and my feelings about motherhood for myself. 

You can see the sheet music here.
You can listen to the song here.

Here are the lyrics:

Sometimes I think about my life, unsure of what to be.
My friends and family give advice, they want what's best for me.
Of all the things they see in me, what should I become?
I need Thee Lord to help me choose, that Thy will may be done.

Will I be prepared to fill woman's role?  Accept the Lord's will with all of my soul?
To raise children up, to love them to lead?  Will I take the time to bring them to Thee?

My mother loves unselfishly, helps others in their need.
She loves the teachings of the Lord and teaches them to me.
Of all the things that she could choose, she chose the will of God.
To love and lead us back to Him, as hand in hand we walk.

My mother prepares and fills woman's role.  Accepts the Lord's will with all of her soul.
She's taking the time to love and to lead, and she's taking time to bring us to Thee.

As I prepare for motherhood and children I may raise
Be near me Lord that I may teach, inspire in loving ways.
Help me to walk the path that brings my children back to Thee.
That we'll find joy throughout our lives, together on our way.

And I will prepare to fill woman's role, accept the Lord's will with all of my soul.
I'll raise children up, I'll love them, I'll lead.  And I'll take the time to bring them to Thee.  
And as I prepare for children to raise, be near me that I may bring them to Thee.

My mother made many hard sacrifices when it came to raising her children.  My Mom has many talents that would have served her very well out in the working world.  She is dependable, works quickly and very efficiently, figures things out fast, and has a multitude of typing, secretarial and other skills that employers would be very eager to have at their disposal.  Yet, in response to the call of a living prophet, she knew that her place was at home with her children.  And so it was. 

Growing up, we lived on a very modest budget, without many of the luxuries of the world, and certainly a lot more financial stress than 2 income families faced.  Despite these challenges, my mother remained faithful to her duty as a mother in Zion. 

By the time I was three years old, I could recite the first 2 articles of faith.  Throughout my childhood, I learned to sing the Primary songs as she played the piano.  I learned how to pray, read the scriptures, and put the Lord first in my life.  I loved sharing what I learned in Seminary with her as we drove home - often stopping for a treat at Sonic. 

Additionally, I learned to love reading by watching my Mom's excitement and hearing her inflection as she read aloud bed time stories.  I learned the basic skills of homemaking from my wonderful mother.  And during the times in my life when I just needed someone to listen and understand, my Mom was there - no matter the hour, and it was often quite late at night.  There are so many things I owe to my mother for who I have become today, I cannot name them all.  But suffice it to say that I have the most wonderful mother in the world!

As I stare into the future, and the children that I will raise, I pray that I can be the kind of mother I have been so blessed to have.
Mom and I, my first day home from the hospital

Newborn me and my Mommy

Fun times with Mom
My blessing day

Sketching the horse together

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  1. Awww, what can I say? Yes, I was stay-at-home-mom--still am! I wouldn't have it any other way! I am so blessed to have children who are indeed special spirits. I love them dearly. Thank you Cami, for your kind words! I enjoyed being your mother, but I have to say that it was I that had the best Mom in the world. I only used her example and Heavenly Father's help (a lot!) in raising my own family. I know that you will be a great Mom, too! I love you!