Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I love books!  When I was a little girl, my parents would read to me - mostly my Mom.  I had a good grasp of reading at an early age - I could "read" a short picture book - Baby Goes Around the Block - sometime around the age of 3.  As I got older, my Mom introduced chapter books, and I was the type that read with a flashlight under the covers after I was supposed to be asleep. 

So, that being said, it won't surprise you to hear that I have been researching the classic literature for children.  All day today, I have pored over websites and lists of favorites and classics for various ages and reading levels.  It thrilled me to reminisce about the books on the lists that I read in my youth.  I even took notes of those lists... 20 pages worth! 

I realize that there is no possible way that my children will read 20 pages worth of lists of books, but a Mom can dream...  I plan to comb the thrift shops for literature finds and be a frequent library visitor, because I also realize that there is no possible way that I can purchase all of those books from Barnes and Noble at full price. 

Books that I remember reading in my youth include (no particular order): Where the Red Fern Grows, Black Beauty, Bunnicula, Nancy Drew series, the Bobbsey Twins, Goodnight Moon, Bridge to Terabithia and Danny and the Dinosaur.

I am excited to share these, and many others, with my babies.  It's probably going to be more fun for me at first, but I hope that my enthusiasm catches on to them a little bit...


  1. I love it!! It took a little time for you to catch on to my enthusiasm of reading Nancy Drew, too, remember? ;) Be patient--it will come...

  2. I didn't remember that! Thanks for sharing! It gives me hope. =) I've been reading out loud to the babies just for fun lately, same with singing. There will be a whole post about music soon! Love ya!