Saturday, February 12, 2011

Plans for the nursery

I've decided, since I will be having a boy and a girl, to have a nursery theme that works for both.  I've chosen Beatrix Potter's many book characters.  Some of those include Peter Rabbit, Jemima Puddle Duck and the Flopsy Bunnies. 

I have loved these books most of my life, and always thought it would be fun to incorporate them into a nursery.  So, now is my big chance! 

It is worth noting that rabbits have always been a favorite animal of mine.  From the time that I was little, we had pet rabbits off and on at my house.  As I've grown up, things are much the same.  I really can't count how many pet rabbits I've had, but suffice it to say that it's a lot.  Currently, our little rascal of a bunny is named Charles.  Although he's cute as a button, he will not be debuting in the nursery this time around.  In fact, right now, the second bedroom of our apartment pretty much belongs to him, but unbeknown to him, he will be ousted to make room for baby furniture and creating a fur-free zone for our new arrivals.

I have great plans for the bedroom - I will borrow the pallet from the book images and some fabric I purchased that has the theme.  We will go with browns, tans, pinks and blues.  Green and yellow may sneak into the pallet as well, but the main colors with center around the pink/blue with brown.  The furniture will be a dark brown espresso color, the blankets will be the print fabric or a plain design in the color pallet.  I will accessorize with stuffed rabbits and artwork on the walls from the books.  It is still in the planning phase, but I will update with photos as the progress is made.

I fully expect my children to pick up on the subtle tribute to my favorite pet as they drift off to dreamland... How exciting that will be to finally get them here to complete the picture.

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